resurge reviewsIn the realm of sleep supplements, Resurge deep sleep formula has recently made a grand entry. Since most of the population is largely unfamiliar with Resurge, the following article will serve as a Resurge reviews by discussing all the crucial features of this natural sleep aid.

What are Sleep Supplements?

Sleep is a reversible, resting state of our mind and body. Being an essential element of our everyday life, this physiological function needs to be fulfilled for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

A sleep supplement is a substance which can help improve or enhance the quality and duration of night sleep. It is quite different from a sleeping pill since it carries no risks of drug dependence, or any other side effects associated with a number of sedating pharmacological agents.

Resurge Deep Sleep formula: What is it?

Resurge deep sleep formula is an amalgam of naturally occurring organic and inorganic ingredients that has been  proved as the most effective natural sleep aid. Basically, this sleep-aid formula aims at promoting a healthy weight loss among its consumers by improving their sleep patterns. At present, Resurge supplement is gradually gaining popularity worldwide with more and more individuals interested to learn about the efficacy of this product.

How does Resurge pills work?

The relationship between daily sleep and metabolism was scientifically established some decades ago. Metabolism refers to all the biochemical reactions occurring inside our body, such as the breakdown of glucose to release energy. Our body metabolism helps us get rid of the excessive fatty tissue by converting it into other products. But an inappropriate sleep-wake cycle can disrupt the body metabolism which in turn, leads to accumulation of fat stores in the body.

Researchers have verified the correlation between a poor sleep quality, faulty metabolism, and weight gain. It has also been observed that the individuals suffering from sleep disorders are likely to develop an imbalance between their hunger-promoting and satiety-inducing hormones. With more hunger stimulating hormones (e.g. ghrelin), there is a greater risk for obesity. This short of disorders also lead to leptin resistance inside the body. So, how can we prevent this hormonal unbalance?

Therefore, keeping this rationale in mind, the ingredients in Resurge sleep formula help boost the sleep quality and duration as well. By ensuring a sound sleep, a person can not only alleviate the risk of obesity but also promote his/her weight loss through a well-balanced body metabolism. This also work as  one of the best leptin resistance supplements  to fix leptin sensitivity. Let’s have a look at the main chemical components of the Resurge formula.

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Resurge reviews on ingredients

Resurge formula is a blend of eight different natural ingredients, described below:

Inorganic components:


Magnesium is one of the most important electrolytes in our body. It has widespread roles in the maintenance of our neurological, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. The deficiency of magnesium has been linked to a variety of acute and chronic disorders. It forms an important ingredient of the Resurge formula, added in a concentration of about 50 mg.


Zinc is an important element required for our growth. It has numerous implications in the neuronal development, while it also plays a vital role in a multitude of biochemical reactions. It positively influences the health of our digestive tract. Hence, it is considered as an important component of the Resurge formula (15 mg).

Organic components


Melatonin is normally released into our body from a small gland found within our brain. It is a natural, sleep-promoting substance that is also known as the “hormone of darkness.” Its secretion is increased at night and helps promote the quality of night sleep. Therefore, it is one of the vital constituents of Resurge.


Ashwagandha is a herbal derivative, commonly utilized in the Ayurvedic medicine. Its efficacy in the management of anxiety and depression has long been a point of interest. Moreover, the scientific community has determined its important characteristics, such as its role as an anti-oxidant and as an anti-inflammatory substance. It is a highly valuable ingredient of Resurge, and a total of 150 mg of Ashwagandha are added into it.


It is an amino acid derivative commonly found in green tea. Theanine exerts its actions in the central nervous system by serving as a sedating agent. It is well-known to attenuate the anxiety and stress levels of the body. It is a therapeutic agent for several neuropsychiatric disorders. This contain  a concentration of 200 mg inside the Resurge fat loss formula.


The body itself synthesize Lysine which is an important amino acid.  Lysine play a substantial role in various metabolic pathways. Lysine supplementation has also help in building some important muscle proteins. In addition, lysine plays a key role in the reversal of harmful metabolic changes in the brain which might result in neuronal death. Resurge contains upto 1200 mg of lysine.


Similar to lysine, arginine is also an amino acid readily synthesized by the body. It works as an anti-oxidant, which indicates that it has a vital role in sustaining the cellular health of our brain. Resurge includes about 1200 mg of arginine.


It is an amino acid derivative and is an essential component of the Resurge formula (100 mg). Hydroxytryptophan is useful in increasing the duration of Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep by upto 50%. Moreover, it is highly efficacious in altering the brain metabolic pathways to combat stress.

Research-based Resurge pills reviews

best sleep supplementsResurge ingredients are based on the following research evidence


Farag et al 1 conducted a randomized controlled trial of a number of herbal supplements, including Withania somnifera (or Ashwagandha). The herbal medication had a significant impact on elimination of sleep-onset insomnia. A total of 25 individuals exhibited a drastically reduced sleep latency which shows the potency of Ashwagandha in managing insomnia.

In another trial carried out by Bravaccio et al, a total of 34 children having a long-term history of headaches and sleeping problems, were fed with melatonin. All of the children had a considerable improvement in their headaches, while the additional use of tryptophan and vitamin B6 also led to a remarkable decrease in the frequency of night sleep disturbances. 2


Picone et al have studied the efficacy of melatonin and tryptophan in inducing sedation in the newborns prior to conducting an MRI scan. This supplement combination led to sleep induction in a total of 106 neonates. 3

This evidence illustrates that not only the constituents of Resurge sleep are efficient but are also adequately safe.

Resurge weight loss pills benefits

  • Helpful for minimizing sleep latency and promoting deep sleep.
  • Useful for the obese individuals, desirous of losing weight without any strenuous fitness routine.
  • Zero side effects unlike commonly prescribed hypnotic agents. No signs of dependence or withdrawal symptoms!
  • Made up of 100% natural ingredients which have a proven efficacy for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Economic and readily available (over-the-counter supplement). 

Resurge pills review on dosage

The manufacturers recommend taking 4 capsules of Resurge before an hour of going to bed. Resurge after-dinner ritual is a popular idea that stresses the uptake of this “sleep-inducing” and “weight-reducing” supplement following dinner. A regular dosage of this beneficial supplement for at least 6 months, is capable of restoring a perfect waistline along with a healthy sleep schedule. 

Is Resurge safe to take?

Resurge pills are made of 100% all natural ingredients so it is completely safe to use & has no side effects. Every capsules of Resurge supplements are made in United States in their FDA approved & GMP certified facility.

Though Resurge supplements are largely safe, this supplementary combination may contradict  with the following type of persons.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Individuals younger than 18 years of age 
  • Persons under medication due to some aliment.

So above persons should consult doctor before taking any type of dietary supplements.

How long does it take for Resurge to work?

One can notice the difference within a week of taking Resurge pills. But to achieve substantial result you should take Resurge supplements at least for three to six months. Good thing about this supplement is that you do not require to change any diet or lifestyle while taking Resurge weight loss pills. Resurge supplement will start burning fat naturally even while you sleep.

Where can I buy Resurge pills?

buy resurge pills

It is always advisable to buy Resuge supplements from their official website only. In this way you can avoid any counterfeit product & get the best offer provided by the company time to time. All the relevant information about Resurge sleep supplement is provided at their official website. Here, the manufacturers have provided details regarding the various packages one can choose. The prices vary from 49$-204$ depending upon the nature of package. In addition, the shipment charges amount upto 12$. Moreover, the company’s refund policy allows a 100% money-back guarantee within a 60-day period of the initial purchase.

Final Remarks

With the help of scientific evidence, it is evident that the main ingredients of Resurge have a remarkable potential in dealing with sleep and weight issues. In addition to this, Resurge customer reviews also support the product’s authenticity.  Resurge mainly focus on balancing the hormonal unbalance by developing the sleep quality. Early evidence does indicate that Resurge is a purely natural, safe and competent product. In conclusion the Resurge reviews we highly recommend to try the Resurge sleep supplement today.


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